Afternoon Tea at Lipton’s Warsaw Office 

Lipton Office Warsaw

After spending years in coworking spaces, the Lipton Teas and Infusions team was finally ready to move to their own office. They wanted to create a space that was both lively and peaceful: a place where members could hang out, collaborate, and inspire one another. Our acoustic solutions were crucial to creating a cozy atmosphere in the tea-inspired office.

At a glance

Industry FMCG
Location Warsaw, Poland
No of employees 100+
Square meters 900
Design studio

The Client

Lipton brand needs no introduction. You’ve probably tried it yourself. One of the most prominent tea innovators, Lipon has a team of 100 creative people in Poland from marketing, sales, and R&D. Lipton has implemented a hybrid work model, so they wanted their office to serve primarily as a team meeting space. In their new home, team members can do focused work but, most importantly, they come to the office to collaborate, socialize, and strengthen team bonds.

Alongside values of comfort, well-being, and togetherness, Lipton wanted their first Warsaw office to embody the company’s ecological commitment. This meant that Lipton’s new space aimed to promote serenity and harmony, countering the widespread belief that an office needs to be loud and crowded to be productive and inspiring. To create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, the designers from Workplace used a carefully selected color palette, appropriate lighting, and a wide range of acoustic solutions—along with some additional tricks.

Inspired by the activity-based office concept, Workplace proposed creating several zones to cater to the diverse needs of the Lipton team. They created areas dedicated to quiet and secluded work, as well as plenty of spaces for socialization. The interiors included large tables ideal for group work, comfortable desks, soft armchairs and poufs, and soundproof meeting booths. The heart of the office is Tea Point, a shared area where all teams can hang out in a casual atmosphere.

With several different zones, team members can easily roam around the workspace, changing up their atmosphere depending on the task at hand, which could require solo work, brainstorming, collaboration, or video calls.

One very special aspect of the space is its unique color palette. The Workplace team drew inspiration from the richness and intensity of tea colors, selecting different a variety of shades that range from moody to pastel to create the proper atmosphere for each zone.

For example, shades in focus work areas were inspired by the light and delicate colors of white tea while colors for the social zones and meeting places featured stronger shades of pu-erh tea. To achieve just the right vibe for each area, the designers carefully selected the office furniture, including our sound absorbers and acoustic lighting.

Lipton Office Warsaw with Mist Lamp by Mute
Lipton Office Warsaw with Mist lamps by Mute

Mists lamps were particularly useful here. These freestanding acoustic lamps also serve as privacy screens. Unlike most privacy screens that can make spaces darker or gloomier,  Mist lets sunlight in during the day thanks to its delicate and semi-transparent fabrics. And, after dark, it ensures a gentle, comforting light. Thanks to their sound-absorbing properties, Mists were perfect for the shared areas as providers of comfort and acoustic privacy.

Ceilings deserve special attention when designing a room’s acoustics. Without any acoustic treatment, ceilings’ hard surfaces easily reverberate sound. This makes a space noisy, especially in open, shared areas where people may gather and chat. To give these zones a more cozy vibe, designers used pending sound absorbers, including Shells, and acoustic lamps, Loops.

Lipton Office Warsaw with Shell panels by Mute
Lipton Office Warsaw with Shell panels by Mute

Stylishly designed, salmon pink-colored Shells perfectly blended in with the plant-filled surroundings. Loops provided a spotlight for homey corners in shared areas and fit the environment seamlessly. Loops unique perforated structure allows for effective sound absorption from above and below the lamp, reducing noise caused by ceilings and reverberation. Like all the furniture elements Workplace chose, both Shells and Loops are round, and its these soft edges that give the space a friendly, cozy feeling.

Lipton Office Warsaw with Loop lamp by Mute

The result

“Acoustics is an often-overlooked aspect of office projects but is crucial for the successful final outcome. We are thrilled to include Mute products, as they perfectly align with our vision of creating a welcoming and cozy interior. Their design and acoustic properties made a difference, helping us create a space that looks perfect and sounds as we imagined.”

Bogusz Parzyszek, CEO,

“We are very pleased with the design of the Mute products and the cozy acoustics they bring to our space. We’d like to give a special shout-out to the Mist lamps, which are often praised by our visitors for their stunning and stylish look.”

Karolina Mikrut, Board Management Assistant, Lipton

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