The OmniRoom Architects’ Zone is Now Live! 

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Mute has just launched a site dedicated to architects: everything you need to start designing with OmniRoom.

We developed OmniRoom with architects’ needs in mind, aiming to revolutionize their work by making it more efficient and sustainable. With OmniRoom, architects can create various reconfigurable and easy-to-arrange office spaces like booths, meeting pods, focus zones, and conference rooms. Now, we’ve published the Architects’ Zone to make getting started with OmniRoom easier than ever. 


On the new site, you can easily book a consultation with one of our specialized architect consultants. This 45-minute video conversation provides a deep dive into your project questions and offers you detailed guidance on design decisions from architects who have firsthand experience with the OmniRoom process and understand every aspect of the system.

Rather than a sales meeting, this is an open dialogue about your project with a fellow architect familiar with the product’s details.


We’ve also added a complete catalog of more than 2,500 3D models to work with. Thanks to advanced filter options, you can easily find a unit that fits your project like a glove. Every 3D model is available to you in various configurable file formats. As far as we know, it’s the biggest selection of adaptable office spaces on the market – and it’s still growing.

Finally, the new Architects’ Zone also holds all the information you need about the OmniRoom system. There, we’ve published two key resources:

➔ The upgraded Book of Rooms: an extensive catalog of ready-to-use OmniRoom units

➔ The new version of System Book: a complete guide to the system’s technical aspects with chapters about ventilation, acoustics, lighting, and more

Keep an eye on the space too: we’ll soon expand the catalog section soon by adding a “Manual for Architects,” a practical handbook for architects with tips and advice for constructing, placing, and configuring tailor-made OmniRoom units. 

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