Meet Jetson – The New Workspace Essential

Jetson Two Sizes 

Is acoustic comfort in a workplace a luxury? We think not. So some time ago, we decided to create the most universal office pod on the market. Hundreds of workdays (and several implemented innovations) later, here it is. Meet Jetson. 

As the hybrid-work model is here to stay, resulting growing need for private spaces in offices, acoustic pods are becoming a must-have element of every modern workplace. Knowing that, we decided to develop the most accessible product on the market. Jetson is innovative, ergonomic, stylish, and affordable at the same time. 

With Jetson, we pushed the envelope of how acoustic pods are built and designed, for the first time using extruded aluminum to make it lighter, more durable, and most importantly, more sustainable. 

There will be many more occasions to talk about its unique features, so for now, we just recommend checking out Jetson’s dedicated website and the 45-second, promotional video we’ve prepared especially for its premiere. 

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