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Our products help to design agile and comfortable offices.


Countless ways of arranging employees’ comfort. Mix, arrange and rearrange easily to build a flexible, human-centered workspace.

OmniRoom by Mute Multifunctional Hub with Lounge and Work Rooms
Omniroom Meet Set Closed

OmniRoom Meet

Soundproof meeting spots for brainstorms, workshops,casual chats, board meetings —a great fit for any office gathering.

Omniroom Work Set Open

OmniRoom Work

Private workstations for focused work, perfect for hot desks, personal space, or small collaborative work zones.

Omniroom Lounge Set Open

OmniRoom Lounge

Elegant and cozy spots for the casual occasion: lounge, chill out, play, or read.

Omniroom Support Set Open

OmniRoom Support

Comfy places for back-office functions like a copy point, storage space, cloakroom, and coffee spot.

Acoustic Pods

The ideal solution for a quick call, focused work, or a productive meeting.

Select from 2 families: Jetson – affordable pods with add-on sets or Space – a high-end fully configurable pods.

Space Pod by Mute Meeting for 4 people with sofas
Jetson S1 Office Pod

Jetson S1

An acoustic oasis for one

Jetson L4 Office Pod

Jetson L4

A huddle space
for up to four people

Mute Space S Pod 1P

Space S

Made for a friendly phone call

Mute Space M Pod 1P
Mute Space M Pod 2P

Space M

Made for focused work or an effective 1-on-1

Mute Space L Pod 2P
Mute Space L Pod 4P

Space L

Made for a peaceful

Mute Space XL Conference Pod Exterior

Space XL

Made for a fruitful meeting

Acoustic Lighting

Two crucial functions in a modern office – sound absorption and efficient lighting.

Mute Loop lamp in Conference Interior, with people talking

Mute Mist Lamp Anthracite


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Invisible in the mist

Mute Bell Pendant Lamp with golf bulb shines with ambient lighting


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When bells cause silence

Mute Loop Pendant Lamp in Dusk Blue fabric - task lighting


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Keeping you in the acoustic lighting loop

Mute Line Lamp Green Grey


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Sleek, chic and unique

Privacy Screens

Preventing sound waves from bouncing around the room excessively.

Mute Duo screens in row, attached to desks

Mute Cone Screen in Red Upholstery Fabric and Concrete Stand


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Sleek, mobile, iconic

Mute Wall single acoustic screen on black legs - whiteboard and oak shelf


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Heavyweight champion.
Light on its feet

Mute Duo Privacy Screen on desk


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Double up on silence

Mute Booth Screen on wall in red fabric


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Curved perfection for phone call protection

Sound Absorbers

Packed with technological goodness in a meticulously designed construction.

Mute Tower absorber in Conference Interior, Whiteboard in the background

Mute Tower Floor Bass Absorber


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Formidable noise reduction power

Mute Blocks Pendant Sound Absorber


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A sound absorbing artistic marvel

Mute Shell Pendant Sound Absorber


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A true acoustic pearl in our Shell

Mute Print with wooden frame


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Silence with a homely touch
in your space

Mute Canvas sound absorber on wall in yellow fabric


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The simple, substantial sound solution

Mute Puzzle sound absorber on wall in red fabric


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The final piece of the sound absorption jigsaw

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