How We’re Switching to Renewable Energy at Our Factory

Mute Factory Entrance in Poland

At Mute, we care not only for the well-being of employees and about healthy workspaces but also for the planet. Since day one, we have striven to reduce our environmental impact in every possible way—from the materials we use to the way we design, we implement many environment-conscious production methods and operations. Recently, we took this ethos a step further and installed more than 120 photovoltaic panels on our factory’s rooftop. 

We are going green! By installing photovoltaic panels on the factory roof, we will produce more than 49 thousand kilowatts of green energy each year. If that doesn’t tell you much, here is a more precise picture: we will lower our power consumption by around 33 percent.
And that’s just the beginning. In 2022, we plan to increase those numbers by installing more solar panels. We aim to have 50 percent of our energy consumption be renewable by the end of next year. 

Switching to green energy is part of a broader sustainability policy we have committed to at Mute. What else is in it? 

→ To produce our acoustic pods, we use locally sourced components almost exclusively. More than 90 percent of the components of our flagship product – come from within a few kilometers of our factory.  

→ We are certified with the FSC® Chain of Custody (FSC® C161812). This certificate states that our products have been manufactured environmentally friendly from raw material from well-managed FSC®-certified forests and other controlled sources. 

→ We use product packaging that is designed to be reused or recycled. Wherever it makes logistical and ecological sense, we collect crates from already-delivered Spaces Pods and reuse them for future orders.  

We follow the ISO 14001 standard, which means that each stage of production is analyzed for its environmental impact.

We carried out the Life Cycle Assessment of our most popular acoustic pods, Space S and Space L, to get a holistic view of the environmental impact of these products. We implemented technological solutions to ensure we stay environmentally friendly.

Mute Factory - new photovoltaic panel installation
Mute Factory - new photovoltaic panel installation

Most importantly, at Mute we create products built to last. We cooperate with top designers, use best-in-class components and value handcrafted products over large-scale, industrial production. We believe that, above all, a well-designed and durable product is a sustainable product.

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