Rule the School: How We Donated a Pod to a High School

Space S Pod on the school hall

Too cool for school? Not our acoustic pods. Although they’re designed mainly to reshape office life, you can find them in many surprising places: factory halls, hospitals, and even recording studios. But lately, for the first time, we’ve seen our soundproof booth in a… high school hallway. 

Yelling. Screaming. Chatting. You may not remember it, but school hallways during breaks are loud. The noise level reportedly can reaches up to 120 decibels, comparable to the maximum allowed level of firecracker noise. In such chaos, a person would lose their hearing instead of being able to learn and absorb new knowledge. 

We recently donated one of our acoustic pods to a school in the vicinity of our factory, providing students and teachers with a comfy and tranquil respite from chaotic hallways. With Space S, it’s easier to call a friend, hit the books before an important exam, or simply escape the noise during break.

Technical School Complex in Turek is one of the best Polish educational institutions in its category. That’s why we are especially proud to see that the pod quickly fitted into a school’s landscape, where it quickly became widely used, proving that our pods are, you know, best-in-class (no pun intended).

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