How Does The Future of Workspaces Look Like?

Mute Future Office Render

We have to embrace change, take employees’ needs seriously, and work with them to grow the company.

2020 has been a year of obstacles to overcome for many companies. 2021 is seen as a year of change and renewals.

A rethinking of the way we work and the design of workspaces was necessary. Now a new normal has to be applied in many office spaces. 


Working as a Team in a Redesigned Office

Despite the advantages of working from home, most employees hope to return to the office after the pandemic or at least find part-time remote solutions that let them work in the office and from home. Many miss the contact with their co-workers, especially since social connections build trust and bonds in teams. 

Digitalization became even more important, and many organizations developed great solutions to connect teams. Socialising cannot happen from the home office or through video calls only, and the office experience finds new value. 

During the lockdown, companies had to find ways to have a proper workflow and processes while working remotely. For many, this led to an optimisation of work processes that can easily be adapted to the office’s work. This also means that offices need to be redesigned in order to provide the right working spaces for team meetings, collaborations, and efficient working in privacy. 

Mute Future Office Render
Mute Future Office Render

Three Advantages of a New Office

The design of a new office is connected to many advantages you will have as a company and especially for your employees to work effectively without being stressed and being under mental pressure. 


1. More Privacy

Working in a large office space often takes away privacy and the possibility to work in peace. Many employees struggle with productivity and efficiency in shared areas. But new offices in 2021 will be different. With the right steps and measures, companies will be able to create privacy and develop a sense of psychological comfort and security. Ideas can spread when people feel at ease. Privacy screens or a further distance to colleagues help with the acoustics around you, and protect you from noises in adjacent workspaces. Solutions like acoustic pods will give you the ability to focus on your work and hold uninterrupted meetings. 

Mute Space XL with Closed Door in Snow White

Space XL for the biggest brainstorms

Mute Space L Meeting Pod in Snow White

Space L Meeting for a project meetup

2. Less Working Stations More Co-working

New offices will provide more than just some desks, chairs and the usual office environment. They will be collaboration spaces. As per Workspace Utlization Index by Density 76% of the time meeting rooms are occupied by maximum 4 people and 86% of the time by maximum 6 people. This is why companies will more often choose pods instead of building conference rooms. Teams need a place to work on a large scale and complex projects without sending mails around to communicate. Sitting together they will be able to move forward with their project way faster and more efficient.

The JLL’s Global findings on workplace re-entry during COVID-19 research has shown that organizations have been increasingly allocating less square footage to individual desks. It’s clear that safely re-entering the workplace will require a reversal of that densification trend, at least for the near-term.

Mute Space L Double Pod in Snow White

Space L Double for long project sessions

Mute Space M Double Pod in Snow White

Space M Double for quick one-to-ones

3. Flexibility and Mobility

Future work spaces require more flexibility. Furniture and acoustic solutions you choose need to be easy to adjust to individual requirements and situations. The number of people using it may vary, so agile solutions are needed. With our pods you can change the setup and the purpose or move them around to easily rearrange office according to your needs.

Mute Wall with whiteboard

Wall on coasters with whiteboard stimulates the creativity

Agility and Flexibility for a Better Work Environment

Adaptability, agility, and flexibility define the office spaces of the future. We have to embrace change, take employees’ needs seriously, and work with them to grow the company. In 2020 companies were in a short period of hibernation. This year many are working full speed on new solutions to adapt to the new needs of employees and a work environment that is important for our mental and physical health.

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