The modular room-in-room system for a flexible future

The agile revolution

The world of work is constantly changing. So should your office. OmniRoom is a room-in-room system paving the way for a flexible revolution in office design. Effortless to arrange and rearrange. Enjoyable to work in. Excelling your people’s potential.

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A room of infinite possibilities

The most comprehensive room-in-room system on the market gives you countless ways to design ultra-comfortable workspaces.

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Why invest in the future of work?


OmniRoom makes offices fully agile. With durable components and smart modular system, Rooms can be expanded, divided and reshaped countless times.


Save with OmniRoom. More economical and sustainable from day one than traditional constructions. The longer you use it, the more money and effort you save.

Ready to move and rebuild

Take OmniRoom with you in case of relocation. Modular structure and lightweight components make the change as easy as pie.


Build your unique office in hours, not in weeks. Assembly takes only 20 min/m² with just three people thanks to a patented, super simple click-in system.

Plug & Play

Even the largest OmniRoom is ready to use on day one: just plug it in. Ventilation, lighting, and electric sockets are already integrated.

The room for every office task

Choose a function, any function

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OmniRoom Furniture Set

Make the most of every inch of space with dedicated, wall-mounted furniture and add-ons: desks, shelves, cabinets, and much more. Hang them easily at any height, on any wall, inside or out.

Seven shades of the perfect office

Any. Size. You need.

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Create your own

Team up with our architects to build your own tailor-made OmniRoom for a unique office experience. Fill out the questionnaire and our representative will get in touch with you.

Modular to its core

Select from a set of 13 universal modules and dozens of furniture elements to create a one-of-a-kind space. Everything fits together like a jigsaw puzzle.


Build multifunctional, construction-free work hubs from scratch. Connect several configurations and reshape them freely to meet the needs of your growing business.

Click-in assembly

Assemble and reconfigure as many times as you need. Each assembly takes just a few hours, thanks to a pioneering, super simple, patented click-in system.

Tech Specs

General specification

  • Construction types:

    closed, open, mix

  • Size range (module based): Exterior:

    1655‑5190 mm x 1150‑4180 mm

  • Size range (module based): Interior:

    1515‑5050 mm x 1010‑4545 mm

  • Structure height (exterior/interior):

    2400mm/2250 mm

  • Maximum number of connected Rooms:


  • Wall module types:

    full, glass, partition

  • Wall sizes:

    1010x2320 mm, 505x2320 mm

  • Door module types:

    glass door, solid door

  • Door size:

    1010x2320 mm

  • Ceiling module types:

    full, open

  • Ceiling sizes

    1010x1010 mm, 1010x505 mm, 505x505 mm

  • Wall & ceiling thickness:

    70 mm

Electrical installation

  • Lighting:

    LED type, 24V, 300‑500 lx, 2700‑4000 K

  • Installation fuses:

    MCB, RCD

  • Supply voltage:


Acoustics and ventilation

  • Soundproofing:

    25‑43 dB

  • Reverberation time:

    0,2‑0,5 s

  • Sound absorption index for wall and ceiling:

    class A (90‑100%)

  • Nominal airflow:

    365‑1095 m3/h

  • Fan emitted noise:

    ≤ 39 dB


ISO9001, ISO14001, CE, RoHS

3D and 2D models

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A green revolution in office design

Designed for disassembly

Our engineers implemented DfD tactics to ensure the next practical use of each OmniRoom’s element.

Green aluminum

OmniRoom is constructed from aluminum, a lightweight and 100 percent recyclable material.

Earth-friendly finishings

All available finishings are carefully selected based on their green certifications (like Greenguard, Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex, and FSC) to meet the highest standards of environmentally responsible sourcing.


Highly durable components and modularity make it a lifetime investment.

Right to repair

We offer a 5-year warranty and a 5-year right to repair. Plus OmniRoom is made entirely of easily replaceable components, so if you ever need to repair it, it’s cheap, quick, and simple.

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