2021 – New Collection, New Catalogue, New Mute

Mute Space L Pod in Office Interior

We have taken the time and gathered all our creativity and effort to proudly present not only a new collection to our customers in 2021 but way more.

Every two years, Mute publishes a new catalogue. 2021 is going to be special, though. We will show you not only new solutions for making the most of your office or commercial space with our pods, acoustic lighting, or other acoustic solutions, but we will also present a new colour and fabric palette for the latest season. 

Mute Space XL with Closed Door in Snow White

Space XL for the biggest brainstorms

Mute Space L Double Pod in Snow White

Space L Double for a project meetup

New Spaces and Mobility

2020 has shown companies clearly that the way we are using office spaces is changing. Conference rooms that can hold 20 people are becoming history in offices. Teams work closely together and need spaces to seclude themselves for one on one conversations or meetings. Therefore, our Space family has expanded.

Our Space S will not only be available in the standard version but also as the model Video conference so that video calls can be more goal-oriented without any distractions from outside. The new Space L Double comes with even more space for two for video conferences and focused working. Additionally, Space XL will join the pod family in 2021 and provide sound-absorbing space for up to six people. 

No worries, our previous versions and sizes of our pods will still be available as we aim to meet all our customers’ needs.

At the same time, flexibility has become a huge must in offices. Therefore, we improved the functionality of our pods to the extent that will surprise you. You can now easily rearrange your office with only two people by moving the pods wherever you like, thanks to additional casters. This will help to optimise your office for a better co-working environment. Tweak the office space and the location of your pods and learn what works best for you and your company.

Acoustic Lighting Products by Mute

New Category

Why stop with widening a product range we already have and not add a new one to the Mute family? To bring even more comfort to commercial spaces, we brought acoustic solutions and lighting into symbiosis by designing a collection of acoustic lamps. These will provide comfortable lighting or bring coziness and modern design to spaces and create a noise-resistant environment due to their high sound absorption. We will offer four acoustic lamps – Bell, Loop, Line, and Mist – all pioneering in acoustics and beautiful in the craft. Bell and Loop come in three sizes, three and two light source options, and dozens of fabric possibilities. Line comes in six sizes and two light source options, with a wide upholstery selection, while Mist has two pendant and two-floor sizes and a dedicated selection of fabrics to bring an element of the mysterious for every room.

Bell and Loop are available now and will be joined by the offer by Mist and Line in March 2021. 


New Palette

We all know that we calm the atmosphere in the space not only through high-performance acoustic products but also through well-balanced colours. Therefore, we decided to bring also a new colour palette for our products. Our new selection of earthy tones meets warm yellow, dusk blue, and ceramic red to bring a wide range of choices and bring harmony to every space.

New Catalogue

Are you curious to have a closer look at our products for 2021? Don’t wait and see our acoustic solutions that will help you create the space of your dreams and spread an elegant and cozy atmosphere in there, and order your sound solutions in January 2021 already. 

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