Inside Our New Munich Showroom

Mute Showroom in Munich

If you are around Munich and want to experience our product, now it’s easier than ever.

We recently opened a new exclusive showroom space in Munich. See the photo tour, and drop by to experience the adaptable future of work upfront.

Located next to the Munich airport, our new showroom is the best place to explore and experience our products firsthand. The space is filled with our acoustic pods (from both Space and Jetson families), sound absorbers, and acoustic lighting. Still, the main star is our modular office system OmniRoom, presented in its finest form as the four-zone, multifunctional unit. 

The showroom is meant to be far more than just an exhibition spot. It is a place where we created a thriving and inspiring “adaptable architecture hub.” That’s why we started a series of workshops about office planning with our architects and designers. These sessions empower participants to create more versatile, user-friendly, and sustainable office designs using OmniRoom and our other products.

Mute Showroom in Munich

The OmniRoom hub unit highlights all the main functionalities of our modular office system: spacious conference room, cozy lounge area, and ergonomic workstations ideal for a small hot desking zone. 

The visitors can explore the vast collection of OmniRoom Furniture, a set of more than 50 wall-mounted elements, including lamps, desks, cabinets, and display rails. 


Want to come and see for yourself? Please give us a note at showrooms(at)

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