The Future of Work is Here. Meet OmniRoom

Omniroom Hub in Clay Red

The work world has changed. Workspaces have to change too. To thrive in a new work era, offices must offer more. More comfort to be worth commuting to. More private places to be fully hybrid-ready and handle countless video meetings smoothly. More shared sites for collaborative work that can’t flourish in video meetings. And infinitely more flexibility to face any change the dynamic future brings.  

Today we are introducing OmniRoom, the modular room-in-room system for shaping construction-free, flexible office spaces. 

Creating it, we envisioned a comprehensive and simple office system that allows one to plan an entire office smoothly and to build it (and rebuild it) in hours, not in days or even months. With the selection of 15 prefabricated modules and our patented click-in technology, we made it possible – OmniRoom makes offices revolutionary shapeshifting. Users can create many constructions of different shapes from the same modules, ensuring the system always fits the team’s current needs.  

To make it all even easier, we predesigned 100 fully equipped configurations: focus rooms, workstations, meeting rooms, lounge areas, or even copy points or coffee desks. A dedicated furniture set designed by architects and interior designers guarantees the best possible ergonomics.  

In the following weeks, we will demonstrate all our new system’s amazing features in a series of blog posts. You will see what you can create with it and learn the story of developing our patented solution. Finally, we plan to talk with the designers to give you a better insight into our vision of OmniRoom. Still, the best way to start is to visit its dedicated website or see it all for yourself during the upcoming Clerkenwell Design Week, NeoCon, or Workspace Design Show in Amsterdam.

Omniroom Hub in Clay Red

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