A Pod with a View: Jetson Inside Patriarche Office

Jetson Pod in Patriarche London HQ Offices

Patriarche faced a common challenge in their London office design: noise disruptions in an open-plan space. Their solution, the Jetson S1 pods, not only provided privacy but also maintained the office’s aesthetic appeal.

At a glance

Industry Architecture & Design
Location London, United Kingdom
Design studio Patriarche
Square meters 660
No of employees 25+

The Client

Patriarche, a distinguished architectural and design firm, boasts a rich portfolio ranging from sleek office buildings to the restoration of historic landmarks, all contributing to the urban landscape’s allure.

The challenge

In conceptualizing their office space in London, Patriarche aimed to embody their commitment to sustainability and well-being. With floor-to-ceiling windows offering breathtaking views of the London skyline, their office design was set to be a great example of modern office architecture.

However, it soon encountered a challenge common in open-plan spaces: noise. The typical hustle and bustle of an open space environment proved disruptive, hindering both focused project work and frequent client consultations inherent in the architects’ workflow. This issue was exacerbated by the fact that many workstations were positioned near windows, amplifying disturbances, especially when someone was on a phone call. The sleek, hard surface of the glass was amplifying noise, leading to distractions and reduced productivity.

Addressing this challenge was essential, but it needed to maintain the office’s visual appeal and efficient use of space.

The Solution

Enter the Jetson S1 pods. These single-person acoustic pods provided private spaces for concentrated work and video calls while complementing the sleek industrial aesthetic of the office. Moreover, they preserved the panoramic views that adorned the space.


Thanks to its effective acoustic isolation (26 dB), the Jetson ensured privacy during conversations despite its close proximity to workstations. This also facilitated swift and easy movement to the pod in case of unexpected client calls.
The effect was a harmonious synthesis of form and function. Patriarche’s new office not only epitomized their dedication to sustainable design but also fostered an environment conducive to creativity and collaboration.

The result

“As architects and interior designers, we understand the importance of specifying the right product. So when it came to our own office fit-out, we loved what the Mute Jetson S1 offered – it helps democratize our meeting rooms, maximizes the floor space, and offers (arguably) one of the best views of London skyline for a phone call!”

Beth Everett, Business Development Manager, Patriarche

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