World Of Mute 2021 Wrap Up

2021 wrapup

What a year it was! Time goes by so fast that sometimes it’s really easy to forget some of the changes and highlights. But the beginning of a year is always a great moment to look back and pick up some best memories and achievements that shaped our last 12 months. So, here are the most groundbreaking events from 2021 we will remember.


Expanded Acoustic Pods offer (January)

For two years now, we have been living in a unique workspace experiment that rapidly changes office spaces’ role. Implementation of the hybrid office model has brought several significant challenges to companies. It made them realize that they need more flexible office tools. And that they don’t need conference rooms to host 20 people.

That’s why we expanded our Space family. At the beginning of last year, we enlarged our offer with Space S and Space L Double models dedicated to video conferences. Additionally, we launched Space XL – the most spacious acoustic pod in our offer. This full-size sound-insulating room will comfortably host even seven people. We improved the functionality of all our acoustic pods to the extent that might surprise you. You can now easily rearrange your office by moving the pods wherever you like, thanks to casters hidden in its floor (and you only need two people to do that).

Bell acoustic lamps in office interior

New Acoustic Lighting category in our offer (March)

As the proper lighting and acoustic comfort are two main factors that improve office wellbeing, why not combine them in one product? Well, to be precise in four products that altogether make our new category. Mist, Bell, Loop, and Line offer pioneering acoustic performance and exceptional, everlasting design. They will provide a guiding light to tranquility at your office. We are happy to see that they’ve already earned clients’ appreciation and branch recognition (Mist floor lamp was chosen as one of the best Polish products at Lodz Design Festival).

5 years of Mute - factory event

Five years anniversary (August)

In just five years, we came a long way from a garage where we produced first orders to a tight-knit team of 100 specialists, a sales chain of 500 distributors, and more than 3600 reshaped offices worldwide. That accomplishment required a proper celebration. Our 5-year jubilee took place in Galew, and it was a day (and night) to remember with a whole pack of entertainments. The highlight of the show was the competition in making graffiti on our acoustic pods, because hey, why not?

Workspace Expo 2021 Mute Stand - London, UK

Trade show tour (September – November)

In 2020 we planned to participate in a series of trade shows and exhibitions for the first time. Then in March, when we were in the middle of preparations for the Workspace Expo in Paris… well, you know what happened. However, all is not lost that is delayed. Fortunately, in 2021 events were resumed, and we made sure that we wouldn’t miss any. From Copenhagen and Amsterdam to Milan, Paris, and London, we were delighted to finally meet with our clients and see them interacting with our products. Next year we will travel with #GoodWorkspaceEnergy even further as we plan to finally reach NeoCon (and this time, nothing is going to stop us, hopefully).

Mute Factory - New space reimagined

Enlarging our Galew Factory

We’re only five years old, but we are growing so fast that we decided to make our home more spacious and comfortable. That’s why in October we started an expansion process, building a brand new production hall in Galew. It will make our home approx. two times larger reaching 6000m2. That’s plenty of space to create the best-in-market soundproof office pods and sound absorbers! Inside, we will also locate our new R&D to develop and test acoustic solutions in an even more advanced way, as well as a new showroom to host our clients comfortably. We can’t wait to see it all happen, and we are counting days to the housewarming party in May.


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