Get inspired at our Clerkenwell Design Week events!

Clerkenwell Design Week

Clerkenwell Design Week 2024 is almost here. Here’s what you can look forward to at the UK’s most anticipated event for architects, designers, and inspiration-seekers.

For the opening day, Mute prepared something special: Dr. Robert Schmidt, head of the design research lab at Loughborough University and author of the inspiring book Adaptable Architecture: Theory and Practice, will join us for a 30-minute speech. 

Dr Robert Schmidt III
Architect Alicja Dziedziela

In his talk “Adaptable Futures: Crafting Spaces for Tomorrow,” Dr. Schmidt will explore how to craft buildings and spaces that adapt to change, present a handful of conceptual models that can help shape the way we think about our built environment, and share some case studies which put these ideas into practice. The speech will be followed by a Q&A session. If you want to participate, reserve your seat here.

During the second and third days of the event, Alicja Dziedziela, an architect and OmniRoom consultant, will hold workshops filled with inspiring case studies. These workshops are dedicated to architects and office planners who want to learn how to shape more flexible spaces using the OmniRoom system. Alicja will guide you all through the configuration rules and showcase actual offices that have be redesigned and reshaped with OmniRoom. 

Clerkenwell Design Week
Clerkenwell Design Week

Additionally, she will present the results of the “Flexibility Challenge,” a test conducted to prove OmniRoom’s longevity and sustainability. If you’re interested in participating, please register by sending an email to marketing(at) Hurry up— the number of seats is limited! 

Don’t worry if you cannot participate in these specific sessions! We’ll be available all three days to give you a comprehensive tour of the new OmniRoom units that we have assembled in our newly refurbished showroom. We cannot wait to meet you!


Where you can find us: 

Mute / Obo Showroom
32 Great Sutton St, 1st floor, 
London, Clerkenwell District 
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