Mute 2023: Our Top Moments to Remember

As we leave 2023 behind, we’re looking back at Mute’s most cherished and memorable moments of the year and revealing some of our 2024 plans.

Thrilled about OmniRoom’s reception

In 2023, we focused hard on the launch of our latest product, the OmniRoom modular office system. We put so much passion and work into this project, so we were of course thrilled to see that the press and industry experts received it so positively. We were also honored that several prestigious awards recognized Mute and Omniroom, including Best of Neocon Gold, Mixology’23 Award, and a nomination for the Dezeen Awards.

While such accolades are nice, the most satisfying part of releasing OmniRoom into the world was seeing our first users put the modular office system to use at the trade fairs and discovering its unique features like the revolutionary flexible assembly system.

NeoCon Awards Gala
Mixology Awards Gala

Created more than 1000m2 of OmniRoom spaces

We knew from the start that such a revolutionary product like OmniRoom would require a special product marketing approach. So we did everything possible to make using our system easy as pie. First, we designed a collection of 53 preconfigured “Rooms” that architects, space planners, and distributors could choose from or modify. We then added to the collection 10 multifunctional hubs that consist of two or more different areas. Also, we developed an advanced and flexible configurator in pCon in collaboration with EasternGraphics. The configurator allows users to design all types of rooms and take full advantage of OmniRoom’s modular nature.

In result, were able to produce and install more than 1000 m2 of OmniRoom spaces of various functions, styles, and shapes in just six months. And that number is only growing. We’re currently in the middle of dozens of projects, including ones for an automotive factory, the office of one of the most innovative car brands, and the headquarters of one of the world’s biggest architecture, design, and planning firms. We will be sharing more case studies soon. Stay tuned for updates!


Launched the first Mute flagship showrooms

Opening the first exclusive Mute showrooms was another steppingstone. Visitors can now experience our products firsthand and participate in a series of workshops about office planning and acoustics in “Mute Experience Centers” in Munich, and Galew (Poland). We plan to make the showrooms thriving and inspiring “adaptable architecture hubs” where one can learn how to make office design more flexible and sustainable by using OmniRoom and our other products.

Galew Showroom Mute Interior
Galew Showroom Mute Wall

Gave back to the community

In the last 12 months, we have been more engaged than ever in local CSR activities. We organized a series of educational workshops for primary school kids to raise awareness about the impacts noise has on our health and mental state. We invited teenagers from a local children’s home for an “open day” in our factory in Galew, where we taught them about the basics of acoustics, self-presentation, and marketing and advised them on career and educational development. We also funded the “Mute Scholarship,”  which will be awarded to the top student of the local high school every year to help them with ongoing education. Finally, we contributed to nature by sowing a flower meadow in our factory’s backyard. And we’re only getting started. In the coming year,  we plan to build a football pitch for our company and the local community.


Rocked at Mute Summer Fest

What a night! Our Mute Summer Fest is a beloved tradition that we try to make better every year. This time, we had an amazing party with dancing, singing karaoke in our pods, and fun sports competitions. But the highlight was the concert of The Mute Band, a pop-rock group formed by our team members, especially for this occasion. Their electrifying show was unforgettable, featuring some of the biggest crowd-pleasing hits by Tina Turner, Sixpence None the Richer, and Queen. Curious want we danced our shoes off to later on? Here’s the Spotify playlist.

Mute Summer Fest Still

Record-breaking fair trade season

Our 2023 trade fair tour was indeed record-breaking: most events attended, most kilometers walked, and, for sure, most people met. From the buzzing atmosphere of the Clerkenwell Design Week in London to our debut on U.S. soil during Neocon and the innovatively-concepted Architect@Work, every fair was an inspiring. We also had our fair share of challenges, mainly because we leave no stone unturned when it comes to designing our stand. We pay attention to the smallest details—a characteristic appreciated by the Workspace Design Show hosts, who granted us the award for best stand.

This year will be even more ambitious with ORGATEC and no less than 8 Architect@Work events (and that’s only a glimpse of our plans).


Dozens of reshaped offices

In 2023, our products reached 36 countries—some of them (like Taiwan or North Macedonia) for the first time. We are delighted that our acoustic pods, sound absorbers, and acoustic lighting contribute to the work of such amazing teams, including Pepsi, Lipton, CMS, Patriarche, Skyscanner, PWC, and many more.

CMS Warszawa Workspace with Space L Meeting Pod

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