Work 3x3 p2.v1.C

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OmniRoom Work 3x3 p2.v1.COmniRoom Work 3x3 p2.v1.C

Preset name

Work 3x3 p2.v1.C




2 people






Exterior (W x L x H mm)
3170 x 3170 x 2400 mm
124.8 x 124.8 x 94.49 in.
Interior (W x L x H mm)
3030 x 3030 x 2250 mm
119.29 x 119.29 x 88.58 in.


This Room for collaborative work provides space and calm for 2 people. The Room is equipped with dedicated furniture and accessories and finished with third-party fit-outs. This Room is a part of OmniRoom “Work” - a set of areas designed purposefully to offer comfort and privacy for the individual, focused work, or small collaborative sessions.


This preset is available in 7 colors.

  • Ash Grey
  • Sage Green
  • Clay Red
  • Sand Beige
  • Ink Blue
  • Void Black
  • Moon White


  • IlośćConstruction
  • 6xsolid wall module 1010 mm
  • 5xglass wall module 1010 mm
  • 1xleft-hand glass door
  • 5xceiling module
  • 4xventilation ceiling module
  • 6xFlask track lighting
  • 2xmodular electric socket
  • integrated linear lamp
  • 1xcontrol panel
  • 2xoccupancy sensor

OmniRoom furniture and accessories

  • curtain rail
  • curtain
  • 6xdeep shelf
  • 1xopen shelf cabinet
  • 2xdeep drawer cabinet
  • 1xTV hanger
  • 2xwall hook

Third party furniture*

  • 1xdesk 800 x 1800 mm/ 31.5 x 70.97 in. by Manerba
  • 2xchair by Herman Miller
  • 1xlamp by Wastberg

These room can be modified and customized for an individual request via

*Listed products are purely exemplary and are not sold by Mute.
Presets like the one specified in this card can be combined into multifunctional hubs.
Elements of the OmniRoom system may change.
Specification of the product will be verified while preparing an offer and may also be modified on the client’s request.

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Preset name:Work 3x3 p2.v1.C